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blue moon origins and backstories: metamorpher

Blue moon origins: metamorpher

The sun rose brightly on the desert station area of the furry world’s nature zone as dinosaur themed shop labeled “Metamorpher’s transformation item shop,” on the sign as a ghostly wolf toon in a lab coat walked towards it with a smile on his face.

“A perfect place to test my theories on this new spectral body,” he said to himself as he walked towards the building and phased through the wall, bonding with the host, a frill headed dinosaur anthro as he got up for his first day of work,

“Morning already?” said Metamorpher with a loud yawn as he looked out the window.

“Better set up my shop so it’s ready for the day,” he said with a chuckle as he saw a few incoming figures and headed downstairs to set up his shop for the first day of customers as the figure looked on

Blue moon backstory: metamorpher

A travelling salesman in the furry world, he makes a living selling art and various transformation causing projects as he travels across the furry world to make a living as a travelling salesman. He’s taken a liking to the desert station zone in the wilderness area and has since set up a temporary permanent shop there with a wider selection of items as various customers come and go as needed

Blue moon backstory: doctor science

A toon from the furry world reality, his experiments were widely praised for their creativity before a spectacular accident with a teleporter sent him outside reality as a phantom, letting him experiment in new ways of what he could do and various blue moon powers he could grant
And here's a the other blue moon story I made for a person I like. Please enjoy. If anyone wants to know about the concept the furry world, I made, I will freely answer questions about it as well as show the google doc I made for it.

blue moon concept belongs to: kitthewolfy

Metamorpher belongs to: Metamorpher

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December 25, 2016


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